10 Gadgets & Accessories You Must Have in Your Car

If planning to go for a drive to run errands or maybe to have an old fashioned cross-country road trip, it’s important to be equipped with the things needed for the journey, short or long. With today’s technology, a box of CDs is not enough.


Nowadays, we can’t get out of the house without our smartphones and devices. While out on a ride, it’s almost certain most drivers hook-up their phones to their cars in more ways than one.

Whether it’s for music, navigation, or using the car’s speakers to talk, the action will use up the smartphone’s battery power. Nowadays, it is normal that a charger is stored in the car, although the question remains on which kind is the best. We’ve got multi-purpose car chargers, which offer extra features other than to charge our phones, but the most common is the USB phone charger (try Maxboost or Anker).


These window breakers can really come in handy, especially in emergency situations. We never want to use them, but if the need arises, it’s a great way to get out of a tight or maybe life-threatening predicament.

There are good ones available on the market, like those included in a power tool set or emergency car kit. However, sometimes what is needed is a kit that is small, detachable, and could fit in someone’s pocket or on a keychain. Two solid options are the Ztylus Stinger and the Resqme Quick Car Escape Tool.


That new car smell fades fast, so let’s buy a car freshener. If it’s been months since you bought a new car but don’t want to have that “new car” smell replaced by a different scent, worry not because there are car fresheners designed specifically to replicate that fragrance.

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If your car has been with you since prom, maybe try another scent. After all those years, a “new car” smell may just seem too artificial, so consider experimenting. Car fresheners are like first impressions of a car, that’s the first thing people notice when they ride with you.


Dashboard cameras are a gadget that almost everyone is using today but most people were fine without a decade ago. It’s because everyone immediately saw the value of having a dash cam. As long as it’s legal where you are, a camera is pretty sweet, as it records everything seen by the driver while driving and can be useful in many different types of situations.

The best dash cams can be almost invisible or have a rear cam for when backing up, or even have a crisp video rearview dash cam that can be clipped onto the actual rearview mirror.


Having a breathalyzer in a car means we are responsible drivers who love knocking down a glass or two with friends and loved ones. For people who don’t drink, this entry is of no use to you, but a breathalyzer is valuable to everyone else.

Safety always comes first. If that device says the driver is not within the legal limit, then it’s time to sleep it off or call for a Lyft or Uber. Good professional-grade breathalyzers cost between $46 to $99 on Amazon.


There’s nothing worse than car trouble when you have somewhere to be. So, why not be prepared? Jump starters should be stored in the trunk and ready to go before any long ride. There are available jump starters that are cheap, although they could be bulky or low quality.

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There are also portable ones, some even are multi-purpose devices, and there are others with easy-to-follow instructions marked on the actual device. Get the one that fits your needs, desires, and budget.


The inside of the car should never be neglected. If there’s a mountain of garbage sitting on the backseat, then it damages the appeal of the car. There are simple and cheap accessories available to remedy this nasty situation, and these things don’t have to be Bluetooth ready.

Cleaning towels or cloths are a handy way to take care of accidental spills inside and outside the car or to get rid of that crushed bug unreachable by the wipers. Floor mats are also a good idea to minimize the wear and tear of the inside of the car.


Parking assistance is a feature that comes with newer cars today, and it is a stress reliever. If we are in desperate need of assistance, we can’t always ask our passengers to get out and navigate.

Parking assistants are available and they are not that expensive. The manual ones can be bought for less than $20, although it may be worth considering some of the more expensive variants.


Do you Waze? If the answer is yes, then phone mounts are just as important as any of the other items mentioned in this article. Admittedly, some phone mounts are bulky, eat up space, and can be difficult to install; however, there are great ones available on the market.

From recent research, one of the best phone mounts in the business is iOttie. Their easy one touch car mount is easy to install and pairs perfectly with any kind of phone in the market. There are lots more to choose from if this one does not hit the mark.


Some car trouble can be solved with a little bit of tinkering, so a driver should try and learn the very basics of car engine troubleshooting. At the end of the day, this knowledge may save some cash by avoiding the need to call an emergency car service. That said, how can we tinker if the only tools in our car are the jack and the wrench that unscrews the wheel lugs?

Considering keeping basic car engine tools in the trunk for preliminary troubleshooting just in cast the car suddenly stops. Usually, it’s just a screw loose, tighten it up and the car might be good to go.


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