7 Special Things About Rummy Close To A Player’s Heart

Most people in India love rummy games. Different Baroda the  game are known to people in different parts of India. While there are many who enjoy Rummy as a game, for some this is much more than just another game. There are some things that will always remain close to your heart if you are a hardcore Rummy lover. Here are some such things that a Rummy lover can never afford to forget:

A Rummy Friendship That Happened By Chance

You never start playing INDIAN Rummy hoping to build long-lasting friendships. Most people play this game with the simple hope of enjoying a round or two of card games. Yet, many times we end up building lifelong friendships through chance Rummy sessions. Such friendships start off as mere chance encounters in the game yet turn to become thick friends you can never lose throughout your life.

A Rummy Strategy You Learnt From a Stranger

We expect to learn the game better from our friends rather than from chance opponents. Yet, at times, we learn the strangest Rummy strategies from people we do not know at all. Such offline Rummy moments remain fresh in the minds of rummy players throughout life. Each time they use the same strategy, they remember how they grasped it completely by chance at a moment when they least expected it.

A Rummy Tale You Would Never Forget

Some strange incidents also happen during Rummy sessions. For example, you may play rummy online with a complete stranger and win the game. Next day you observe that the boss of your new company is the same odd chap who lost with you in Rummy. Yes, such strange tales do happen and they make you wonder that the world is such a small place after-all.

A Rummy Tournament Victory You Never Expected

Once we are well trained in different variants of rummy, we have a fair idea when we may win or lose the game. We may actually be surprised or even shocked if this judgement goes wrong. The odd occasions when we expect to lose the game and end up winning is sure to remain fresh in our minds for life.

A Rummy Failure You Were Never Prepared For

Just as previous occasion shocks you, this one too may leave you completely overwhelmed. If you are sure you are going to win a Rummy session and have prepared your mind for the victory, a defeat is the biggest blow come your way. You will remember the trivial mistake that changed the course of the game for the rest of your life. This is one mistake you will never dare to repeat in your future rummy games.

A Life Lesson That Only Rummy Could Teach You

It is true that even a good parent can teach you to be disciplined and well planned. Yet, the lessons taught by a parent are not so easy to accept. Rummy builds a habit of being organised and well-planned. This is not a habit you imbibe consciously. You grasp this life lesson naturally without your knowledge. That is why such Life lessons remain special to the minds of rummy players and they will never dare to forget these lessons.

A Rummy Sovereign  To Represent Your Rummy Love

If you happen to make a close friend in your Rummy group, they may gift you something special that reminds you of them as well as of rummy. This could be a beautiful Rummy coaster or a unique card shuffler. If anyone gifts you these things, they will always remain special to your heart as a rummy player.

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