Jenna Jameson Explains Why She’s Changing Diet With Latest Revealing Photo

Jenna Jameson wants you to know that eating calories isn’t the worst thing in the world. The adult film star shared on Instagram some of her secrets to a keto diet she began last year.

It turns out, Jameson upped her caloric to increase the size of her thighs but also to avoid getting the calories to go into her midsection. How did she do so?

“It is absolutely possible to gain weight in your thighs and booty without getting a thick midsection. Lately I’ve upped my calories just to run a test. I love how I look with thick thighs but despise feeling a muffin top,” the caption began.

“So I began eating a lot and not restricting my caloric intake. It absolutely worked. My thighs and hips have made themselves known. I avoided tummy bloat by not indulging in unneeded sugar, wasteful carbs and fast food.”

Jameson is a mother of three who previously struggled to keep the pounds off. She shared a few months back how she had difficulty controlling her eating habits. At the time, she wanted to “channel that into positivity” which is where the keto diet first began.

As for her most recent post, Jameson is super proud of the strides she has made. It turns out while changing her caloric intake played an integral part in the positive change, she did find another way of shaping her body.

This is a tip any mother can appreciate.

“Here’s a little mom hack also,” she began “I do sit-ups in bed! I have a bad back and I struggle doing normal crunches on the floor, so when Batel naps… I do leg raises and crunches in bed and it saves the pain on my sacrum and lower back! Moral of the story… super skinny isn’t goals. Healthy well fed bodies are!”

So take that as words of wisdom moving forward. Calories are good, crunches during nap time are even better.


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