PUBG Mobile: Surat, Rajkot Are Banning The Popular Online Game as it Promotes Violence

Image result for PUBG Mobile: Surat, Rajkot Are Banning The Popular Online Game as it Promotes ViolenceWith the immense popularity of the online battle royal game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), we are seeing incidents being reported rather frequently where players have either injured themselves or have been a danger to others. The addiction is definitely spreading as much as the game, and it has become a nationwide topic of discussion.

Various state governments on multiple occasions have expressed their views around the game calling it a ‘demon’ and a source of addiction that it rotting youngsters’ minds. With multiple attempts to curb the negative effects of the game, according to a new report, Surat district administration is going to become the first city that is going to ban the game. The obvious reason is due to the increase in violent behaviour among children and the youth. Apparently, students have not performed well in studies as they were addicted to the game.

According to the administration, the ban on PUBG Mobile will come into effect starting March 9. Reportedly, a circular letter to ban PUBG Mobile has already been sent to a number of primary education officers of the district to collectively make an effort to reduce the number of incidents arising from the game addiction. Even the Chairperson of Gujarat Child rights body, has sent a circular to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) of all states to help curb the negative effects of the game.

Notably, the administration or any of the state governments, haven’t said anything around how exactly they are going to ban the game. From what we believe, the first step should be to inform education bodies to keep a check on students, and eventually guide parents in understanding the game and its effects. Because honestly, it seems unlikely that the game can be made inaccessible to a particular section in the country.

Another report suggests that Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal issued a notification to ban PUBG in the city of Rajkot. As per the notice, the ban will be implemented in Rajkot from March 9 to April 30. Anyone can file a complaint and inform the nearest police station against people playing the game and action will be taken against them under Central Government Act under Section 188.


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